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A new stage of life begins with education and education spreads through children. It’s a very big deal for the society to give good education for the children and to build a strong generation. Since “Right to education” is one of the important basic right for every child and CRAYON is focusing on “Zero illiteracy”.

Illiteracy is one big target of our organization, the need of education in our society is not a removable factor, Schools today, however, are now less concerned with education, and more with how social engineering can achieve a variety of external goals. Self-esteem, and happiness is the most recent expression of this social engineering and it’s time to take education back to basics.

In this current scenario, the purest meaning of education has been lost. In its purest form, education is the simple means of passing knowledge and understanding on to a new generation. Education is something we should value for its own sake, not for another purpose – it is an end in itself not a means. The teacher and teacher trainer now believe that the instrumental purpose of education is to promote social justice, which embodies a rather patronizing view of ordinary people as “vulnerable victims”, or the poor and “needy”. But if you actually educate children and young people properly they will learn to think for themselves rather than just being indoctrinated – which is what “education for social justice” actually means.

Education is what teaches us about the equality among every child, high standard schools are giving good quality education and money speaks and if it is a government or government aided school education leaks.

Knowing the need of education we are immensely going to focus from the grass root level to bring out fruitful educated society through kinds of intensive programs for the society.

The high lights of this program are:

  • Mainstreaming under-served children in the formal education system and supporting them with resources to perform well in their academic sphere.
  • Reducing dropout in high risk areas and strengthening community mechanisms to ensure no child is left out of school.
  • Strengthening participation by capturing children’s voices along with inputs from community.
  • Equipping schools with essential infrastructure.
  • Building teacher capacity through training and grade appropriate teaching-learning material.
  • Boosting student performance through reading improvement plans, scholarships, libraries, child resource centers, coaching classes, youth resource centers and study circles.
  • Develop self-governing and monitoring devices like child wellbeing committees and children’s parliaments.
  • Link families with social protection schemes and help them improve their investment in the health and education of their children.

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