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Disater Management

CRAYON is an active and enthusiastic social organization which always lifts up hands whenever there is a need in the society, our members and volunteers work together hand in hand whenever there is an emergency call for any need for our country.

We have proper emergency management team that looks after the community at the time of problems in which lot of help is required. There are different issues in which suddenly a lot of help and community service becomes a necessity, In order to face any kind of challenge that can cause a problem we have a relief team who tries to take care of the children and woman during the hours of worries and tensions.

At the time of emergency it is very necessary to take care of the children specially those who roam around the streets and have no homes. Crayon helps those children and try to bring the change in terms of betterment in the society.

No matter what and how much the emergency is we are well focused in our mission and are there to serve our society in a better and proper way.

Our training programme mostly focus on the militarily training, disaster management training, accident prone areas training etc. This ensures that the team should be well prepared to face any kind of problem that is faced in emergent circumstances. As a part of humanitarian aspect we are always ready for all sorts of needs and requirements during any time of emergency when lives of the people are at distress and people are fighting
and struggling for food and other basic necessities.

Whether it is a pre emergency, emergency or post emergency scenario our well trained team of crayon is there to help out the nation in providing things that are much more needed at the time of emergency.

As it is always the regions that are poverty stricken and are more affected we start our work from those areas as they need more of our concern and care during the times of emergencies. We also help in the infrastructure modules during the time of emergency and bring out a proper change in the infrastructure that might get crumbled at the time of severe emergency. We also help in terms of providing proper key tools when emergency
is there.

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