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Community wellbeing

Standard of living and quality of life are the two main elements which will help people to lead a normal hurdle less life .Community wellbeing is one enormous element that will help the community to lift up its powerless factor to become most powerful factor for the extreme development of its own environment.

We believe “Powerlessness is the power to become more powerful”. Pointing on health, women empowerment and livelihood we are taking responsibility to activate good health, strengthen women and improve the livelihood. Our focus is to make people to “Say Yes” to these three factors and to make our powerlessness to powerfulness.

1. Women empowerment

Within communities around the world, women are actively resisting developments and policies that deny them their rights to water, food security and a clean, healthy and safe environment. They are playing vital roles in managing their natural resources and fighting to preserve access to them for themselves, their families and their communities. This knowledge and work by women, at the grassroots level, is often not recognized or valued, and women are still largely absent from the decision-making bodies that govern the use and control of natural resources. CRAYON seeks to change this situation by working with grassroots funds to support women’s voices and leadership, and by advocating for policies and legal frameworks which respect, protect and fulfill women’s rights.

Women empowerment project of CRAYON:

  • Create a safe space
  • Support independence and mobility
  • Teach women to read
  • Increase savings and incomes.
  • Teach job skills
  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Boost decision making power
  • Impact health
  • Build networks
  • Create public leaders

2. Health

Healthy and Secure infants

CRAYON health based programs ensure underserved children, youth and families have access to quality health and adequate nutrition, educate parents and caregivers about their role in preserving maternal and child health, and help youth gain life skills, practice healthy behaviors, form positive relationships, access essential services, and live free from sexual exploitation and abuse

The health and nutrition status of pregnant women have a profound effect on maternal mortality, child survival, children’s growth and development. The proportion of malnutrition among children and women in India is among the highest in the world. In India, 58% of pregnant women are anemic. Early marriage worsens the situation. Nearly half (47.4%) women aged 20 to 24 are married before reaching the age of 18. Consequently, under-5 mortality in India is 52% while child under-nutrition is 42%. In addition, access to quality health care services and its usage is poor.

How it Works

In keeping with Crayon integrated life stage approach, our health based programs are delivered at 3 levels:

Nurturing the early years (0 – 5 years)

Our early childhood development efforts are based on the premise that children have the best chance of having a better life than their parents when two things are true: In their first five years, all their needs are met for care, nutrition, health care, stimulation and safety; and their parents ensure all those pieces are in place.

In the early years, CRAYON health program focuses on providing adequate nutrition, promoting safe motherhood, protection against life-threatening childhood illnesses, and empowering community to ensure universal access to health.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Behavior change communication at individual, family and community level via mothers’ and community meetings.
  • Early identification of undernourished pregnant and lactating women, as well as children to combat severe to moderate acute malnutrition.
  • Convergence and partnership with the government’s health programs.
  • Home based care including visits and follow-ups with caregivers.
  • Engaging and sensitizing male members for maternal and child care.

Fostering a protective, healthy environment (6-14 years)

Adolescence is when young people begin to shape their world view, can form healthy behaviors
and nurture positive relationships. It is a window of opportunity for them to begin practices that
will lead to good health during adulthood.

Providing nutrition, promoting healthy habits, fostering a protective and caring environment, and sensitization and orientation of adolescents continue to be the core components of the program.
At this juncture, Crayon emphasis is also on school health and sanitation and on adolescent
sexual and reproductive health. We work with communities and government for promotion and
use of household toilets, hand washing in schools, and adolescent menstrual hygiene.

Focus on Sexual, Reproductive Health (15-24 years)

As the beneficiary group matures, the program focus shifts to providing youth-friendly services
centered round reproductive health. CRAYON supports youth to practice healthy behaviors,
form positive relationships, access essential services, and live free from sexual exploitation and
abuse. Young adults are educated about issues such as early marriage and early pregnancy,
family planning, safe abortion, and sexual violence against adolescent girls, while also learning
to guard against diseases like malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and anemia.

Health project of CRAYON:

  • Health Awareness camps addressing common ailments,
  • Educating people about hygiene and sanitation
  • Community activities
  • Smoking cessation
  • Community activities
  • Welfare benefits advice
  • Exercise promotion and weight reduction

3. Livelihood:

Income Generation by mobilizing sustainable livelihood through means and skills available in the society agriculture, horticulture, dairy, small shops, food products, fabrics (weaving, sewing, embroidery, and knitting), traditional arts and crafts, bamboo and non-timber forest crafts and so on. This project will help the people to gather new ideas for updating and upgrading their living standard in the society.

Communities for Development does not want to limit its activity to just training on microfinance but want to implement projects to help people prosper by creating their small businesses. CRAYON do so by supporting income generating activities of those members of the community who have been saving for at least two years in one of our saving groups. Communities for Development works to unlock new forms of economic participation to help communities bring their dreams to life, through saving groups, training and support, CRAYON empower individuals to leverage their skills and savings to pursue development on their own terms. Income generation can help to overcome food insecurity when economic factors are a fundamental cause of food insecurity and when food is available in local markets but lack of money is the main difficulty faced by the vulnerable population, because of poor livelihood condition people are going below poverty line and they are striving hard for their one day survival. It is used interchangeably with skill, employability and job creation. And because of this over-simplification, we have been unable to find sustainable ways of using livelihoods to move people out of poverty. It is therefore worth understanding what ‘livelihoods’ really means and what it takes for practitioners to get it right.

Youth development program of CRAYON:

  • Economic growth
  • Nation building to elude their addition to family woes
  • Social stress
  • English Proficiency
  • Basic Computer Education
  • Soft Skills for enhancing their prospects of employment in the fast expanding retail sector
  • Hospitality and Hotel Industry.

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