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“Grow through what you go through”, it is very open and true that one another problem India is facing is the food that we intake is not giving proper growth for health, it is also decreasing the life span of the living beings ,considering the need and importance of providing and giving awareness about eating and growing organic food, we are in a great step ahead to run an organic farm that will provide intensive change in the society and to change the focus of the people to come forward to accept the positive factor that can bring into the society through the organic farm.

CRAYON’s view on biodiversity and restoration of ecology and management of these endemic and comically valuable species and their vulnerable habitats, our focus is to understand:

  • Ecosystem service
  • Human and wild life interaction
  • Conducting biodiversity assessment
  • Documenting traditional use of indigenous knowledge

CRAYON’s approaches involve:

  • Applied research
  • Restoration efforts
  • Outreach and knowledge networks with communities
  • Academia
  • Forest managers
  • Voluntary agencies

Challenges of this project are

  • lack of data
  • lack of biodiversity planning
  • wild life interaction with humans
  • climatic shifts

CRAYON intervenes this project through documentation books, papers and maintaining proper reports, it gathers knowledge from the surrounding environment and from the local examples is used for teaching school children and communities. Training from the last few years the focus has been put into training such as sustainable farming and harvesting of wild produce in the region and also establishing seed banks and nurseries for sustainable development of farming and eco system.

The impact of this project is befitted and influenced the youngsters and the old age through trainings and workshops, street plays and village elder program. CRAYON is doing inter generational work on conservation and gathering of knowledge through the documentation programs, our organization has been obtained and conserved indigenous knowledge about the area.

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