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About Us

CRAYON – Child Relief & Research Institute was found in the memory of captain T.S.Siva Subramanian, he started his career as a soldier in the Indian army at the age of eighteen, he was the first person to join army from his village and later many from his village was inspired and motivated by him to join the Indian army and his service for the nation extended for 32 years. His faithfulness and honesty to the service and the nation is unforgettable, in the middle of his service he attended a war between India and Pakistan and he was shot in the left leg by the enemy, his courage and passion to serve the nation didn’t stop him anywhere he continued his service in the army . He was awarded by the Indian President for his bravery and faithfulness. After his retirement he was involved in social work and started spending his entire life serving the underprivileged children and also worked for the children of Ex-service man. The good soul is no more in this world but his legacy and love towards the society should continue and will continue with his blessings.


To bring sustainable development in the society by empowering women and children through providing access to education, motivation and life skills to upgrade themselves to survive in this scenario and likely to realize their potential .CRAYON encourages youngsters to protect environment by doing organic farming for bringing up a clean environment with a strong generation for the nation. Our aim and focus is to bring positive change in the society through education, community well being, biodiversity, water and sanitation and disaster management.

Good governance:

CRAYON has a four tier audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure impact of investment and complete transparency and accountability in utilization of funds. This four-tier audit mechanism reviews the programs and projects, internal operations, compliance of statutory norms and conducts an external evaluation for the impact and outcome of various development programs.